fence staples used to fix barbed wire fence and field fence to wooden posts.

Fence staples with barbed and non-barbed version offered

We are a manufacturer and distributor of barbed and non-barbed fence staples for attaching barbed wire or field fence to wood posts.

Fence staple is bent into a U-shape nail with two sharp points. Single or double barbed version staples are ideal for safety fences. It is resistant to traction, even if the wood cracks as it dries.

Material: Hard wire, low-carbon wire, high tensile wire, stainless steel wire, and crude steel wire.

Coating: class 3 galvanized or Zinc/aluminum coating (95% zinc, 5% aluminum).

We offer:
Smooth staples; Barbed staples; Sod staples; Hog ring staples; Poultry staples.

Main sizes: L×Ø (mm)

14×1.5, 18×2.0, 20×2.0, 20×2.2, 25×2.5, 25×3.0, 30×3.0, 30×3.5, 35×3.0, 35×3.5, 35x 4.0, 40×3.5, 40×4.0, 40×4.5, 45×4.0, 45×4.5, 50×4.0, 50×4.0, 50×4.5, 50×5.0.

galvanized single barbed fence staples used to fix barbed wire to a tree

Delivery: 5kgs, 10kgs or 20kgs in a box, and 1 ton in a pallet


  • Razor sharp points for fast and easy driving to posts, and not bend.
  • Galvanized or Zinc/Aluminum coating for resist corrosion, rust resistant and waterproof.
  • Barbed design for superior holding ability and lock the staple into the wood.
  • Suitable for securing wire, cable and wire netting to wooden post.


Fence staples are used in agriculture and gardening, viticulture and fruit growing building animals coops and plants trellises
Fixing wire, ropes, cables, field fence, barbed wire and rabbit netting to wooden posts or stakes
Heavy steel staples can be used to install or repair wire fencing
Steel sod or ground staples are perfect for securing deer fence to the ground and stapling sod.

Are fence staples suitable for all mesh fence fixed to the wooden posts?

The answer is no. Fence staples are not suitable for mounting plastic netting to posts. Because fence staple may cut off the plastic mesh while driven staples too deep. You should better use a batten strip - place plastic fencing between the batten and wood post. It can solve this problem.

Is there an easy way to hammer in fence staples?

When you hammer in fence staples without any other tools, it is very hard to hold without hammering your finger. Holding staples in place with needle-nose pliers is a good idea. If you had a big project using staples, wire fence stapler is the best tool for you.

Hot Products
Single Barbed Fence Staples
Single Barbed Fence Staples
Single barbed fence staples is ideal used for installing barbed wire and field fence to wood posts, and secure wire and cable on a wooden post
Double Barbed Fence Staples
Double Barbed Fence Staples
Doubled barbed wire fencing staples are used to hold the woven wire fence to wooden fence posts. The double barbed design for superior holding ability.
Galvanized Fence Staples
Galvanized Fence Staples
Fence staples used in agriculture and gardening, for fixing wire, cables, barbed wire, field fence to wooden posts. Single and double barbed staples are also offered