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SOD staples from heavy duty galvanized steel with rust resistant

Five square head sod staples and one round head staple
Sod staples in round and square head, staples with round head usually used as irrigation staples

Sod staples are pieces of wire bent into a U-shape with either a round or square head.

Steel sod or ground staples (also called pet fence staples, irrigation staples, fabric staples, turf pins, and landscape staples) are perfect for securing your pet fence (for example bird netting, deer fence and rabbits fence) to the ground, stapling sod, and secure irrigation drip tubing. They are very easy to use and can be reused.


Material: heavy duty galvanized steel with rust resistant
Head shape: round or square head
Width: 1" or 2"
Length: 4" to 12"
Wire diameter: gauge 8 to gauge 12.

Package: 500/1000 pieces/carton

Common Uses:

  • Hold down sod - stapling the cloth to the turf.
  • above-ground pet-fence installation
  • Hold down water and soaker hoses
  • Secure irrigation drip tubing
  • Install landscape fabrics, jute netting or ground cloth
  • Install above-ground wiring
  • Secure outdoor cords, wires, or decorations
  • Pin erosion control fabrics and weed barriers
Sod staples in bundles packed in carton box
SOD staples in carton package

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