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Single barbed fence staples length 25-50mm and diameter 2.5-5.0mm

Galvanized Barbed Staple - Galv Lock Staple - Single barbed fence staples

A galvanized single barbed fence staple with deep barbs
Galvanized single barbed fence staple
A double barbed locked fence staple
Galvanized double barbed fence staple
A special-shape barbed fence staple
Special barbed staple


Materials: class 3 zinc coating high tension steel wire, or Zinc/aluminum coating(95% zinc, 5% aluminum) high tension steel wire.
Class 3 zinc coating is corrosion-resistant and not rust; Zinc/aluminum coating offers better protection against weathering than Class 3 galvanized coating, and it has the two times use life than galvanised staples.

Dimension: L×Ø (mm)

25×2.5, 25×3.0, 30×3.0, 30×3.5, 35×3.0, 35×3.5, 35×4.0, 40×3.5, 40× 4.0, 40×4.5, 45×4.0, 45×4.5, 50×4.0, 50×4.0, 50×4.5, 50×5.0.

Package: 5KG or 10KG/box


  • Single- or double-barbed options with deep barbs and sharp points.
  • The slice cut sharp point makes them easy to drive into wood and the barbs hold them securely in place.
  • Barbs further enhance the staple's staying power by keeping it firmly anchored even if the post dries and splits.


Our galvanized lock staples is ideal used for installing barbed wire and field fence to wood posts, and secure wire and cable on a wooden post. Barbed fence staples have very good performance in the post.

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