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Fence staples manufacturer and distributor - Crampen Fence Staple

Crampen Fence Staple Company is a manufacturer and distributor of barbed and non-barbed fence staples for attaching barbed wire or field fence to wood posts or stakes.

Our products made from high quality hard wire and low-carbon wire, coated with class 3 galvanized or Zinc/aluminum coating (95% zinc, 5% aluminum).

A rigorous quality control is self-evident. Our modern technical equipment combined with professional expertise and years of experience allow us the production of high quality fence staples. From raw material sourcing to every processes of production has a strict quality control, and never let unqualified products out of our company.

In recent years, our fence staples were used in agriculture and gardening, viticulture and fruit growing for mounting wire, cable and deer fencing or rabbits fence on wooden posts, as well as building animals coops and plants trellises. Our customers are farmer, fencing project managers, and households. We ensure that delivery products on time and at a fair price.

Find out our product range and our service in left products list. Want to get more information or a valid fence staples quote, please contact us info@fencestaples.com.

fence staples used to attached chain link fence on wooden frames.